Q Productions' in-house Film, Video, and Art departments are luxuries few other recording companies can claim to offer. Oh yeah, we’re also pretty amazing. Not that we’re bragging, but our music videos have made it to the #1 spot on music television channels in Canada and South America and everywhere in between! Okay, so we’re bragging a little.

Featuring the hottest and most experienced in-house digital editors and animators, Q Productions' Film Department also offers location scouting, wardrobe/fashion consultation, set design, and an actor/model database. You want eye candy? We got eye candy! But, that’s not all we got.

We’ve got the skills to give you the best project for whatever your budget may be. Whether we shoot your project on HD digital video, 35mm film, Super 16mm film, or SD digital video, we guarantee that your project will receive the attention it deserves.

And, if it’s television programming or script development that interests you, we’ve got that covered, too. Experienced in all aspects of production, Q Productions' Video Department oversees the development, format, and production of the weekly LIVE TV show "Enfoque Musical," which airs throughout the U.S., Europe, and North Africa. Equipped to storyboard, shoot, and produce commercials, the department’s credits also include work for Hygeia Dairy, Laredo National Bank, and The Selena Foundation.

Exceptionally talented and extremely versatile, Q Productions' Art Department handles screen print designs for T-shirts; logos and package designs for artist merchandise; and, color correction, photo retouching, and 3-D animated graphics and special effects for music videos, print media, commercials, and of course, “Enfoque Musical.”

Accustomed to collaborating on various projects, Q Productions' Film, Video and Art Departments combine their creative energies to take assignments from conception to fruition. Everything under one roof, this is just one of the many benefits Q Productions offers!

Film, Video, & Art Features:

• 1 Sony™ Digital Betacam Camera, 3 Sony Digital Cameras

• Echolab™ Switcher

• Super 16mm Arri Flex™ Film Camera

• Camera Dolly with Tracks

• Avid™ 1000 Editing Suite

• Avid™ Adrenaline Editing Suite

• Digital Beta, Beta SP, DVD and VHS Tape Formats

• 3-D Modeling

• 3-D Animation

Sound Stage Features:

• Dimensions (60' x 80')

• 32 track sound recording capability

• Blue Screen capabilities

• Lighting 650 to 5K with Grip Gear

• Intelligent Lighting

• Par 64 Lighting

• 33' Jib

• 2 Make-up/Hair Dressing Rooms

Q-Productions Trailer "HIGH BAND WIDTH" (WMP)
Q-Productions Trailer "LOW BAND WIDTH" (WMP)
Q-Productions Trailer "HIGH BAND WIDTH" (MOV)
Q-Productions Trailer "LOW BAND WIDTH" (MOV)

For more information contact:
Q Productions, Inc.
5410 Leopard St.
Corpus Christi, TX 78408
Ph: (361) 289-9013
Fax: (361) 289-9012

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