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Most of you know Gino as the cute loving chihuahua that was given to Mr. and Mrs. Quintanilla by their daughter, Selena. Selena brought Gino into the family in 1992. Since then he has become a vital member of the family and a celebrity in his own right.

In early 2005 Gino granted a rare interview with reporters. We have obtained that interview, and it is printed below:

R: Is it true that you sometimes  sleep with your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Quintanilla?

Gino: Who told you? Well .. yes its true... Y Qué?

R: I have heard that your nickmame is "The Enforcer" is this true?
Gino: Do you want to find out muchacho? Ven pa-ca!

R: Gino, your appoaching a milestone in your long, fruitful career. How does it feel to be 98 years old?
Gino: Let's get this straight, my friend. I'm 14 years old. I don't believe in dog years. They're a myth of human invention. Next!

R: Rumors are strong that you sleep in a 4 poster bed with leopard print blankets and pillows. Is this true?
Gino: Tu sabes... anything goes when it comes to the ladies.

R: So is it true that you and Paris Hilton's chihuahua are secretly seeing each other?
G: Like I said, leopard print blankets and pillows, baby... need I say more?

R: Is it true that you still mark your territory?
G: Check your shoes... next!

R: Do you still cry a lot when you're left alone?
G: I wouldn't say cry... just getting in touch with my feminine side.

R: How can you eat with only one fang?
G: Watch it ese... I can still cut you!

R: I know that you have to leave, just one more question,
is it true that you fart all the time and don't even realize it?
G: Estás loco? Get this guy out of here.... ya me voy, laters!

GINO 1991-2006

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