Developed and launched by Abraham Quintanilla, Q-Zone Records is a division of Q Productions, Inc., an entertainment company in the Latin music industry. Among the impressive list of artists to record at Q-Zone Records studios are SELENA, VERONICA CASTRO, JAY PEREZ, PETE ASTUDILLO, A.B. QUINTANILLLA Y LOS KUMBIA KINGS, ALEKS SYNTEK, ALICIA VILLARREAL, CHRIS PEREZ BAND, SORAYA, ODALYS, BARRIO BOYZ, LIMITE, EMILIO, GRACIELA BELTRAN, BOBBY PULIDO, LOS TRES REYES, JOE POSADA, JENNIFER PENA, ALBERT ZAMORA, LOS GALLITOS, LA CONQUISTA, LA FUERZA, JORGE ROEL Y POTRILLO MIREYA, CORTEZ DE LA SIERRA, LOS AGUES, and AZUL BOHEMIA. In addition to recording services we offer manufacturing, shipping, and distribution for both CDs and DVDs.

Looking to get discovered, but can’t get the big labels to listen to your material? Or, maybe you’re thinking on a smaller scale and just want to get your material out to your fans. Whatever your ambitions are, Q-Zone Records can help get you on your way!
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Or, contact us directly at:
Q Productions, Inc.
5410 Leopard St.
Corpus Christi, TX 78408
Ph: (361) 289-9013
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